Busch gardens summer 2022

                                                                        Summer Busch gardens 


  This summer take a trip to busch garden with friends and family. They added new rides and there’s even delicious food! 


       First off you start your day off early but then it becomes epic just by taking a drive down to busch gardens with your friends and family. The rides are mind blowing but they make you want to throw up which is okay because it was all worth it! They even have a zoo with gorillas, cheetahs, giraffes, and more. But that food is finger licking good it is going to have you energized and filled up all day. Honestly if you are not going to busch gardens this summer what are you doing, it is the best place on earth what can be more fun than going on rides and eating tasty food, busch gardens is going to knock your socks off and have you fulfilled if life seems boring. Busch gardens has rides for little kids, big kids, and even bigger kids, but the most popular ride I recommend is cheetah hunt. If you are taking little kids, there are rides for them so they would not be left out on this good day. Busch gardens is good for grandparents too if they like walking around and looking at animals the zoo is a good place for them. They even made a new ride it is one of the tallest drops in the us and at night it glows up which is cool because it is fun and glows up. Even if you are not in love with rides then there are other fun activities too! Busch gardens has everything for everyone, it is just that good! So go and buy you and your family or friends some tickets to busch gardens for the day to make life just a little bit more thrilling but if not, you are missing a whole experience.   

                                                                                                                                                                   -mia yaniero