All About Coachella

Coachella’s food options, places to stay, and the music genres that play.


Haley Fair , Contributor

  Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a music and arts festival that is held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It is in the Colorado desert. The event lasts 9 days. 2022 Coachella was held from April 15- to Sunday, April 24th. It was Co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen. The first Coachella was in 1999. Only 20,000 people (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) attended. (Now almost 250,000 people about half the population of Wyoming). The first Coachella had a lineup of more than 80 acts. As of 2022 more than 120 people performed. Many wonders who organized this big event? Well, it is organized by Golden Voice org. When planning to go to Coachella you must buy your ticket beforehand. You can also purchase your car camping ticket at the same time.  

   At Coachella there is something for everyone. They have five different yet phenomenal music genres. They include rock, pop, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance. When you get hungry at Coachella you have many options for grabbing a bite. Some Coachella vendors include Spicy Pie, 800 Degrees, Pizza Nista, Nana Lu, Pizza by Round 2, and Rose Venice. They also have some tasty sweets to fill in your sweet tooth. When going to Coachella you may not want to carry your bag around. If that is the case, there are different-sized lockers that can fit your and a friend’s stuff. Although getting a key for your locker is an option, you can also get one that has a lock combination option so you can access your stuff without your friend’s key. 

     I asked my Coach, Shelly Proa, if she would ever consider going to Coachella? Shelly responded with “I would love to go. Every year I see many celebrities post about attending. It looks like a blast and if I ever got a chance to go you would see me packing in an instant!” 

   You might be questioning, where do people stay when attending Coachella? One option is you can buy a camping car pass and get the full Coachella experience. Or if you are not one for camping there are other options. Here are some of the top five options. Starting at number one we have Les Cactus. This hotel is named after the 60’s French Rock and Roll song by Jacques Ductron. They have a saltwater pool and hot tub, massage room, high-speed Wi-Fi, bicycles, an outdoor fire pit, daily complimentary breakfast, complimentary snacks, and a garden hammock. At number two we have Palm Springs the Twists. This hotel is modern style with stunning mountain views. They also have a pool and a spa. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Palm Springs district and the area is home to many celebrities. Next coming in at number three we have the weekend in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is a small mid-century modern luxury boutique hotel. A short walk takes you to the newest restaurants in the North End of town. At number four is The Hideaway Hotel. This hotel has mountain views and a spectacular pool. This hotel has a retro “rat pack vibe.” Which is like a Vegas black and white theme. It also has free Wi-Fi and free parking. Coming in at number five is Embassy Suites by Hilton Palm Desert. This hotel is classy yet elegant. It has a beautiful outdoor pool as well as free breakfast, tennis courts and a few dining options during your stay.  

     This festival is all about having an enjoyable time. It is one of the fun music festivals in the US. But it does require a lot of preparation. Every year Coachella fashion is a huge deal. Picking out an outfit is a highlight of this experience. You get to wear something that shows who you are, and it also gives off some of your personality. Every year magazines and websites try and give people ideas on what to wear. But your outfits for Coachella need to show who you are not who they are.  

Will you be visiting Coachella next year? If you are you might want to start thinking about where you’ll stay, places you might eat, all the music you will listen to their, and all the people you could meet.