Summer Plans

The options of what people can do while on break is endless.

Summer Plans

Kaitlyn Watjen, Contributor

               As the school year comes to an end, people’s summer plans start to come into play. Some people’s plans include spending time with family while others go to the beach. You even have the few who spend break studying. The summer is a perfect time to relax and not have to worry about going to school. It is a time to sit back and have fun. And with so many kinds of people out there and so many options, who knows what all people do during break. 

  Here at Venice Middle School, I asked 3 students, one from each grade, some questions about summer break. The first student was an anonymous 6th grader and when asked “What are you doing over break?” they responded with “Nothing much, just going to lay back and enjoy finally being able to do nothing for a while.” The second student was an anonymous 7th grader who responded to the same question with, “I’m going to Missouri with my family. While I am there, I will help my dad out with work sometimes.” The last student was an anonymous 8th grader responding to the question with the answer, “During the summer I usually go to visit my dad so that’s exactly what I will do.” Summer break is the perfect time to do things just like those. While not everyone would want to do nothing during break is fine. As it does not matter if others would enjoy the same things you do. It is what makes people different.  

  The next question asked was, “What are you most excited about when break starts?” The 6th grader said, “Definitely being able to sleep in and not having to worry about it. Getting up early every morning is not fun.” The 7th grader replied with, “Finally being able to read without having to stop to do homework or go to school.” And last the 8th grader said, “Being able to spend time with my little siblings. It will be fun to hang out with them more.”  Some other responses might also be not having to go to school or being able to play video games all day. Though these are the ones given by the 3 students. 

  In the end no matter how you spend your break or what you enjoy doing during that break, it is up to you. If you love it, then you love it if you do not, then you do not. Either way summer break is one that should be enjoyed, being able to carry out whatever plans you made without having to go to school. But mainly, just have fun.