High School Reality

The reality of what goes on in high school


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Maddie Motes, Contributor

    Just like that, middle school has come to an end and high school is right around the corner. Crazy to think all the years here at Venice Middle School have come to an end and we have to say goodbye. From incoming 5th graders to incoming freshman, a lot can happen between then. All the relationships you build with not only your friends but the teachers too, all the things you have learned, fun field trips and clubs here at VMS are no longer for the incoming freshman.  


    High school is a fresh start some say. High school is supposed to be fun and exciting time of your life. You tend to get more freedom, less strict teachers and more of a lenient dress code. On the other hand, there are a lot of factors that come with starting high school such as tons of unfamiliar faces. Having a lot of people can be a good thing, you can make new friends, connect with people from the past and build stronger relationships with people you already know.  


    Building new relationships can be beneficial for many reasons, such as helping you cope with social anxiety, having people be there for you throughout the year, and bring the laughter out of you. All that being said, there are negative results of these new friendships. Not all friendships last forever. They can fail many times and no matter how much you try and make it work it will never be the same as it was at first. You can apologize a million times and forgive each other all you want, but that bond that was first created will never be the same. Losing friends is a really challenging thing to go through, sometimes you lose them because of stupid reasons or because of something bad that made you upset and mad or even confused.  


    All in all, leaving VMS is an exciting and frightening time for some. But when high school starts, you can build new relationships with people, just remember not all friendships will last forever.