2 Beautiful Places You NEED To Visit!

Although traveling is expensive, it is fun. If you enjoy traveling but do not know exactly where to travel too, this article is for you. I am going to name two beautiful places you can travel to around the globe this summer so you can spice up your travel life. 


The first place is Venice, Italy. Venice is located on the East Coast of Italy; Venice is known for its canals and beautiful architecture and is typically called “The Floating City.”  In Venice, the currency is called Euros, and the official language is Italian. There are many unique ways to travel around Italy, such as water buses and taxis. In Venice, all emergency services such as police, ambulance, and fire trucks are all waterborne! Same with taxis, so if you decide you want to go out to eat one night, you can consider taking a water taxi to get you to your destination. Another form of transportation is the Gondola. Gondola rides are the main tourist attraction in Venice, they are skinny long canoe shaped boats. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is the biggest canal in the area that literally divides Venice into two pieces. Many tourists take water taxis across the Grand Canal to get to various locations, and usually most tours of Venice are taken through the Grand Canal. 


The second place is Santorini, Greece. Santorini is an island of Greece. Its two main cities are Oia and Firo. If you are looking for a very modern and beautiful escape to a clean and tropical paradise, then Oia is the place to go. Oia features many beautiful architecture and has a fascinating history. All but a couple of hotels have five stars ratings. There are many beautiful beaches to explore and history to unravel. Firo is a city of tourist life and shopping. Most of the produce (like corn, wheat, and sugar) from Greece comes from Firo, so most shops are located there too. 



Those are two beautiful places that you can explore and visit this summer, but those aren’t the only places, there are many more you can explore! 

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