The 8th Graders Soon Freshmen

The anxiety, the stress, the fun.

May 16, 2022

The eighth graders, soon freshman. 

Diary entry #1 – 5/5/22- 

Hi Diary, my name is Charlie, and I am in eighth grade getting ready for my freshman year. Bri, Emalee, Jeffery, and Parker are my best friends. We have been friends since 6th grade. When I first moved to Venice, I knew no one. And now we are about to leave middle school. The dance is coming up, so is graduation. Dang, is this really the end?  


“Hey Charlie, did you get your dress yet?” Bri asked me. This happens a lot. Like 5x a day a lot.  

“Charlie, you need to order a dress or at least something nice for the dance. Oh, and something for graduation.” That is what my mom said earlier.  

“Did you find an outfit to wear yet? “Emalee asked me this yesterday. And the problem is the dance is in a week and a half, graduation in 3 weeks. Getting ready for the end of the year is incredibly stressful. We have FSAs, EOCs (End of Course), and end-of-the-year exams. Finding dresses, keeping grades up, and preparing to say goodbye. On top of that stress is pressure and anxiety.  

Everyone is excited for the end of the year, but it is a little sad. Like I am happy and all but it’s like we have to say goodbye and it is just sad.  

“Dude I cannot wait to leave this school. 3 years is too long.” That would be from Parker.  

“Yea but remember when we couldn’t go to school back in 6th grade. I can’t tell if it was torture or if it was fun.” Jeffery explained.  

“Torture,” the rest of us said.  

“The field trips though. Those were mega fun,” Parker exclaimed.  

“Yea but don’t you think it’s kinda sad that we are leaving? Like even a lil?” I asked.  

They agreed but said nothing was going to change very much. And we would still have all the same memories.  

“But things are gonna change it’s high school. And Em and Jeff are going to a different school. There’s gonna be a lot more people. It freakin’ high school.” I started ranting. I never was gonna stop if Bri had not told me to just breathe.  

______________________________________________________________________________Diary entry #2- 5/11/22-  

Dear diary, I am definitely not ready for high school at all. I still feel like it’s the start of middle school. We had some Fsas this past couple of days and those are quite tiring. I finally got a dress for the dance that’s in a few days. As well as an EOC (End of Course). So, minus some stress but still a lot. Graduation is in like 2 weeks. Yaay? I still do not know how to feel about it. Bri is definitely excited for the dance, Jeffery and Emalee have been studying a lot (why they are not dating is beside me), I’m trying to figure out life, and Parker well, he is just going’ with the flow (as all ways).  

______________________________________________________________________________***after the dance*** 

” The dance was so much fun. I cannot wait for graduation to come.” Bri said. 

Though I agree with her, it is still a lot going on at once.  

“Don’t forget about the 8th Grade Field trip!” Leave it up to Parker to make sure no one forgets about field trips.  

“You will never guess what I found out!” oh and Bri will always have a scoop on something or someone.  

“What did you find out this time?” I asked her. 

“Emalee and Jeffery went to the dance together!”  

“Yea well no duh. We were all there together.” Parker seemed quite clueless. But what was new? 

“No Dumb Dumb, like actually together, together.”  

“No way.” I exclaimed  

“Why don’t we just ask them?” Bri suggested as we saw the two walking in together.  

“Yes, we are dating.” Jeffery said before any of us could ask. “and no you can’t make a big-”  

“FINALLY!” Bri and I said in unison.  

“I was gonna say you can’t make a big deal of it but you already did.” Jeff muttered under his breath.  

“Its exciting.” Emalee finally chimed in. 

______________________________________________________________________________Diary entry #3- 5/21/22 

 Hey there Diary, it is finally the day of graduation. And yes, I did get an outfit. Might I say I look good in it too. Of course, we got the usually speeches from teachers wishing us luck and what not. But it is finally time for me to go. Talk to you soon.  

______________________________________________________________________________” Hello, graduating students of Venice middle school.” This was our principal about to give his speech to us, “I am going to keep this nice and short. It has been amazing to see all of you kids grow up to now high schoolers. It will be exciting to see what you all will become for you are the future of this world. And though you might think you will do very much, each individual one of you will do something that will change this world forever. Congratulation kids.” Everyone applauded.  

We are now high school students.  

______________________________________________________________________________Diary Entry #4-5/25/22  

Diary, I’ve made it. I’m done with middle school and now I’m starting new, high school. 

______________________________________________________________________________Diary entry #6- 9/25/22 

So far, I have accomplished elementary school, middle school, and now my first month of high school. I graduated middle school 4 months ago. So much has happened. And don’t worry Jeffery and Emalee are still together. All 5 of us are hanging out later.  

Until next time, 



~to be continued~ 

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