Summer Jobs for teens.

Summer Jobs for teens Riley Schoeder 

Are you willing to work for money during the summer, either for your parents, neighborhood or at a business? Well, I have some recommendations that will help you pick a job and where to start. 

First, if you want to have an easy job to get the hang of what jobs will feel like, since it will be an easy first one, then you can start in your neighborhood. There are plenty of options to do, you can clean houses or the neighborhood, you can get paid to walk dogs. Or you can even start a small business on the side of your sidewalk and sell lemonade or other kinds of foods. And of course, ask for parents or your parental guardian to for permission. Now this shall give you some sort of easy money and help you start off to authentic business. 

Secondly, once you know or you are ready to work at a significant business, you can start off with something small. A huge recommendation for small jobs is to work at a local ice cream place, Walmart, or Publix. Or any other jobs you can think of. These types of businesses should give you some money to get you started. And something to take note of, if you work for a business for an extended period and you are looking for a different job to work at, most likely the manager will hire a more advanced or more skilled worker. So, it’s easy to get to work at an easy business before a more advanced place. But, when working in an environment that is very busy and needs the best, there are age limits. So, make sure that you are qualified to work at the place and make sure, of course, it’s a safe environment. Because the more comfortable you are at your job, the more hours, the more money. 

In conclusion, these jobs will help you gain money, and it’s a great way to start in summer since its almost 3 months! So, if you are working and you are a teenager, make sure you have the time and work your best so you can get qualified to work at higher ranking stores or businesses. It’s so much fun working in the summer because you get the benefit of earning responsibility, establishing strong work habits, gaining independence, and building good character and confidence for now and the future.