Fun Activities at VMS

These amazing activities will be the best memories you have from Middle School.


Kaylee KInley, Contributor

For the incoming 5th graders there are so many amazing things that we do here at VMS, the Charger Challenge, Student Ambassadors, I-ready Growth Celebration, etc… These are memories you will not forget. 

The Charger Challenge is a fundraiser where we run the track and make memories with our friends. As we walk/run around you can talk with our friend, and you kind of have free period to make memories with the friends you have made this year. You can take pictures with your friends and teachers, so you always have the memories of the Charger Challenge no matter if you are a 6th,7th, or 8th grader. There is usually a water fight with the waters they hand out while you are walking/running around the track. The Charger Challenge always gives amazing memories. 

Student Ambassadors help build leaders at VMS, help the community, and help the students around VMS campus. With joining Student Ambassadors, the students build a connection and enjoy their time together while helping the staff and students around our campus. They go on an amazing field trip to Universal. They give tours to new students and make them feel comfortable at VMS. So many fun and amazing memories have been made in this club. 

I-Ready Growth Celebration is where if you make growth on your reading or math I-Ready diagnostic the school always has a fun celebration. The celebration usually consists of bouncy houses, bouncy obstacle courses where you can race your friends, being allowed to use your phones, and some kind of treat, usually a popsicle. It is a BLAST! You get to make so many amazing memories with the people you are with all year. 

Having these crazy and amazing memories from the clubs and celebrations you did in middle school will make you happy as you look back on them. Though there have been a lot of amazing memories as the year is coming to an end, you will not want to forget these