The Last Year of Middle School

Tips for incoming 8th graders

The Last Year of Middle School

Emerson Erbeck, contributor

    2022. That is the year I end 8th grade. Although it is the end of my middle school experience, in August it will be the start of someone else’s 8th grade year. So, while I venture into high school, I would love to drop some tips on incoming 8th graders and share with them how to be ready for the following year.

    Grade 8 is an important year, there are teachers pressuring you to be ready for high school, sports get more competitive, and you are at the age where everything seems complicated. Although it is overwhelming, in the end you realize you are at the countdown to the end of your middle school years. This being said, here is a backstage pass to the life of a soon to be retired 8th grader and how you can turn your year into a better, more successful year. 

   At the beginning of the year most students are excited to become the “King/Queen of the school,” while others may just be eager to finish their last year in middle school. I was more of the second choice, ready to finish my last year here and continue in a bigger school. I know most might be intimidated by bigger schools, but I find a feeling of freedom in a bigger school. Anyways, back to tips for incoming 8th graders. There is really only one, just be prepared. I am not just saying be prepared for this year, but also the following year when you branch off to high school. This is also the year you decide the path you want to take in high school and your reputation academically is a huge factor. Starting 8th grade with a good mindset is also important. If you start your year off with no hope for the future of that year, it could impact your productivity and goals.  

  Along this topic, productivity and motivation are key points that follow along the lines of being prepared. I know it may be hard sometimes to gain the motivation to do things, but once you discover your way to have a successful studying/learning technique, the motivation will grow. While finding a technique to study seems small, it really helps to have your own way of working academically. Following my experience, having a schedule, or even as simple as a sticky note or journal to write work down works just as well.  

   Overall, everyone is different, but I am glad to offer some tips that have helped me throughout grade 8 and I hope they inspire others as well. So, just remember to be prepared, set your own plans, and as always, believe in yourself that you can accomplish your goals.