Incoming 8th Graders

Take this tips to make your last year in middle school the BEST one!

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May 10, 2022

When thinking of your 8th grade year, all you think about is how your middle school career is almost over. But do you ever think of how dreading and long it is? With teachers helping you prepare for high school, big tests, long assignments, drama etc. Do you ever tend to stress about all the upcoming big events and even your first year of high school? Well don’t! Eighth Grade year is something you should enjoy and not stress, however you should take some of these main tips to help you succeed in your last year.


        To start with, behavior is a big key to having a good last year.  Behaving well will mature you and help you focus. Teachers also love when students behave because it makes the teaching environment easier and better. It will also help you in the long run as you get older. Another main tip from an 8th grade student is to stay on top of your work for all your classes. It might be stressful at first, but it will make you feel like a better person and help you advance your learning skills. Staying on top of all my work this year was less stressful than having a bunch of missing assignments in gradebook.  


      To add on with that, when testing season comes around, do not slow down! Teachers will help you get there but you are going to have to use what they give you. Even if they don’t have the FSA or EOC’s next year, whenever you have an important test coming up, study and review work. Another tip for incoming 8th graders is take this last year very seriously. This year will help you prepare for high school and hopefully make it easier for your first year.  


      To wrap it all up, try new things this school year, it is your last year here, so who cares? Try a school sport you haven’t tried yet for the last 2 years. I tried track and field and it was a wonderful experience, even though running might now sound the best. Your 8th grade year should be fun so choose to make it fun and consider the following tips to have a good last year of middle school!