Students getting their drivers license

About getting drivers licenses in the state of florida

student driving

student driving

Janna Westlake



Did you know teens under 18 can get their drivers licenses suspended for not going to school for 30 consecutive days in Florida? Not going to school and having bad grades can affect when you get your license. 


At 16 years old is when you can get your driver’s license in Florida if you have your permit, and you have not missed a certain period of days. Teenagers getting their drivers licenses at an early age might seem like a bad idea but there are several benefits. You can take classes on how to drive and you have better opportunities to practice. You also have 2 extra years to practice driving before you turn 18. Your attendance and grades can also affect when you get your license. My sister missed a bunch of school and had to wait an extra 2 months to get her license. After you get your license, you can still get it suspended. 


Students that have also dropped out of school will either not be able to get their license until they are 18 or if they already have it, it will be suspended. Although most teenagers are excited about driving, they must know all the signs and past a test. At 15 years old you can get your permit where you can drive around but you must be in the car with a person over 18.