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Favorite Halloween Movies of Students

Everyone loves a good scare

October 29, 2021

         Everyone loves Halloween movies…right? They get you into the mood for the wonderful spooky season. There’s Hocus Pocus, Scooby Doo, Nightmare Before Christmas, It 1 and 2, and more. Some students favor some movies more than others.  But what might those be?  

       Hannah Bui, an 8th grader, enjoys watching Twitches. “Twitches 1 and 2 is about two girls who run into each other and figure out they are twins. They also find out that they are witches but also princesses that must save their home.” Hannah says about these movies. She really likes these movies because there is so much excitement and so much going on. But also because it is interesting and never it never will get old. She believes it is different than the rest because it shocks her every time and it is so unique. “Nightmare before Christmas is also a great movie,” Hannah further explains. “It is unlike any other movie.” She says this because it is an older movie, so she says that it makes it such a classic.   

       Another student, Chaw Lin, an 8th grader, enjoys horror movies such as IT. She enjoys these jump scares because well they scare her. It is terrifying, and it adds action into her preparation for the spooky season. “They make me like I am going to pee myself sometimes. I know my brother definitely pees himself sometimes I think.” Chaw stated. Scary movies teach her how to scare others.  

        Many students enjoy different Halloween movies. From scary to witchy and everything in between, Halloween movies are a great way to get excited about Halloween. 

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