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Cyberbullying is Hateful

The harm from cyberbullying is tremendous

October 29, 2021


What Is Cyber Bulling? Well, it is not a disease, nor a condition. It is more of a electronic communication that is harmful in many ways. So, what is the actual definition? This is when you are using electronics to create bullying or harassment. It can happen to anyone and everywhere at any time. The most people that this happens to are teens because they are always on social media. Whether its Facebook, Tic Toc, Instagram, and many more apps teens play with. You would be surprised how much this can affect lives. 


Out of billions of people, that one person or people can change you and how you live or think about yourself. This can last for a couple of days, minutes, hours, or years. The people behind the screen are trying to prove anything to you or trying to be cool. Obviously, it is not cool. Whatever they say, it could be bad. So, what are the effects? Cyberbullying can lead to and cause mental and physical stress. They can affect your body. Body issues can arise. These issues can cause stress, anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem, and can cause people to be violent or harmful.  

So, the big question is, how do you prevent cyberbullying? Many people would think, just block the person! Yes, that is one of the first things people do to stop this harassment. If that method does not work, have a talk with an adult that can help. Say statements that are like “Hey, stop this harassment, it is not funny or nice to do to people.” Try to prove them wrong about what they are saying. Do not listen to the people, wrong them. 


So, in conclusion, cyberbullying is using any device to create distress, and harassment. This can cause stress, eating disorders, and many other symptoms. If you see anyone going through this, help. You might save a life. 

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