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Stress in School

Stress in School

How advanced students deal with the stress in school

    Everyone knows of the pressure and stress that school puts on you. And the kids in advanced feel even more. With harder work and even more pressure to get good grades, how do they cope with it all?  
 Since there are many kinds of people in the world, there are many different way people cope. Different people deal with stress in different ways. Some use stress balls or cubes and others just breath and punch a pillow. Some ways may also work for others but not for everyoneSo, if someone’s looking for a way to cope, then they might have to try a few to get it right. 
   When dealing with stress, it’s important you deal with it instead of just keeping it in. One girl in the advanced program said this when asked how they deal with their stress from school, “I usually try to take a break from everything.” Then when asked if it’s important to even cope with stress, “Yeah because if I don’t it will take a toll on my mental and then physical health”. When stepping away from work it gives you a little time to calm down and relax, it also lets your mind take a break from thinking. 
   Another student also answered a few questions about this topic, Question 1: “How do you cope with the stress you get in school.” Answer: “I like to listen to music when I need to cope with stress from school.” Question 2 “Do you think different people have different ways of coping?” Answer: “Yes, everyone has different ways of coping suited to who they are.” Listening to music is a nice and easy way to calm down when mad or coping with stress. Its relaxing or depending on your kind of music loud and upbeat. But no matter what you listen to, to help you cope, just make sure it helps. 
    These are just 2 ways to cope with stress but there are many more ways to cope. Some people even create their own way to cope. 

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