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Happy Hawl-o-Scream!

Hawl-o-Scream 2021 is going to be a Spooky Season

October 29, 2021


     As you know, it is spooky season. That means haunts and horrors are now out. Haunted houses and Scaring events are some of the best ways of getting into the Halloween spirit! 

     Busch Gardens Hallow Scream is an annual Halloween event, it includes haunted houses, roller coasters, scare zones and more. The event is hosted every year from September 3rd- October 31st. This year there are a total of 5 haunted houses, 3 new and 2 classics. The new ones are ‘Witch of the Woods,’ The Forgotten, and ‘Cell Block Zombies. The classic houses that they kept are ‘Death Water Bayou: Blood Moon, The Residence. Scare zones are areas in the park with themes. People hide and jump out and scare you. The themes of the scare zones are usually based on what is around them. 

     The scare zone “Voodoo” is next to the Bayou, so it is centered around dark magic creatures that escaped the Bayou. The other scare zones are called Skeleton Crew, In the shadows, Little Nightmares, The Shortcut, Deadly Toys, and the Junk Yard. On the Busch Gardens website and when you get to the park, they have a map of the park with the food, the haunted houses, and scare zones. They have limited edition drinks, and a fest that is like the food and wine festival.  

     The event is family friendly; it is not made for little kids though. For different days, there are different prices. On weekdays, its only open some days it is priced around $50.00 on weekends it is priced at $54.99. These prices are very reasonable considering the prices at Universals Halloween Horror nights are priced at $100 a night. This year there is no specific theme which means that there will be everything there, this year is the perfect year to go if you have been wanting to go. 

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