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Young VMS Tennis Team Gains Experience

Bright future for Venice Middle Tennis Team

October 29, 2021


There is a lot of sports you can play here at VMS. Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf and Track & Field. Right now, at VMS it’s Tennis and Volleyball season and I got to ask Coach Vanbuskirk some questions about the team to get to know them more.


In tennis there are two different types of matches, singles and doubles. Singles being one person against another person and doubles being two against two other people. I asked Coach who is her number ones for singles. She said for boys: Graham Houston, and for girls: Riley Cady. I also asked her  who were her number ones for doubles, for boys she said Jacob Phillips and Nakita Anuchinand for girls Sami McDowell and Raquel Kushman. Congrats and good luck to 7th grader Graham Houston and 6th Grader Riley Cady at the county tournament.


   Coach Vanbuskirk is the coach of the tennis team, and she knows more about this team than us. She said, “We are a young team with a lot of talent and love the game. We have a lot of depth in our ability to play well.” She believes her tennis team could work on the following, get more playing experience, and increase their skill level to be more competitive.  


   I am so glad I got to learn more about the Tennis Team, and I believe they will have a great season and continue to work hard. Good luck to all Tennis players this season and all upcoming seasons, Go Chargers! 

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