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Is it Soccer or Fútbol?

Americans feel they are right

October 29, 2021

      Soccer is a fast-paced exhilarating game and is enjoyed all over the world and is known to be the most popular game in the world. So, although 1 out of 10 people consider themselves true fans of this sport, the debate of the name for this national worldwide sport is taking a stand through many fans. 

        While here in the U.S we have a more commonly favored sport known as football, everywhere but Japan, Korea, the U.S, and parts of Asia call it fútbol. So, why do we call the same sport different things? Like I said before, here in America we have another sport that we call football and why we decided to confuse this sport’s category up I’m not sure, but either way they are played the same way. There are 11 players kicking around a ball trying to make it in a net to gain points. This game is competitively played against many countries and is a huge hit all over the world. 

     After walking around our campus here at VMS, I asked the question “Is it called soccer or fútbol?” to random people that happened to walk by me through the halls, at lunch, or in random classrooms throughout the week (all grades). With this, I gave little context and had them answer and state a simple sentence why they chose either fútbol or soccer. After taking a vote and asking around 25 randomly chosen students, the majority chose soccer. Most of them said their reasoning for choosing soccer was because it’s what we call it here in the U.S. Now, we can take a guess to say that if we were in France or places like Brazil, they would most likely agree on calling it fútbol because they don’t have another game called football.  

      I also interviewed my brother who is a huge sports fan and will never miss a good talk about sports. I asked him the simple question, “soccer or fútbol?” in which he answered with, “I would say soccer because we live in America, and we call it soccer here”. Another question I asked him was, “why do you think we call it different things all over the world?”, he said he thinks we call it different things because we all speak different languages and have different meanings for certain words. Lastly, I asked him what he would name this sport if he was in control and he said, “Umm, I guess… Toe-ball maybe”. Then, after a good laugh I thanked him and walked away. 

      So, in conclusion, I would say the majority chose soccer. This could be because we live in America and we call it soccer, or it could just be what people believe. But overall, who cares, whether you say soccer or fútbol, they are the same sport, and we enjoy and celebrate it all over the world. Also, who knows, maybe one day we will all agree on one name and celebrate this sport while calling it the same thing! 


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