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The Adventure In The Woods

A scary story

October 29, 2021

         “Look it was not my fault!” you could hear the yelling from a few houses away. I heard the yelling many times before from my bedroom window. Let’s just say that yelling has been going on for too long, I decided I would check it out. “I’m going for a walk mom!” “Take the dog please!” she called from the kitchen. “PICKLE! Come!” My two-year-old puppy ran at me, he is a Pitbull, he has black and white spots, and his tail is short. I named him Pickle because the first day I got him he knocked down a jar of pickles and ate all of them. I put on his leash, and we walked out of the house, I looked around and walked behind my house. I found a little path and walked along the path to the house. The yelling had stopped, and a door slammed. Dang! I missed it! Just then the back door swung open and a man in his mid-forties, holding a trash bag stepped out. “Hey! What are you doing back here?!” “Oh, I’m sorry sir, I was just walking my dog.” Pickle growled and barked at the man. “I’ll leave.” “You better, have you heard about that killer on the lose?” “No sir, I have not.” “Well, you be careful son.” There was thunder in the distance, “Come on Pick lets go home.” I pulled and Pickle growled one last time and then started to walk. 

         “Mom! I’m home.” “Hi honey! How was your walk?”  “It was fine! What’s for dinner?” After eating I went to my room and packed my backpack for school. After that I hopped in bed and fell asleep. BANG! I woke with a start. I looked to my window; a white light shined through. I slid out of my bed and opened the curtains just enough so I could see. The man from last night was swinging a flashlight at houses and looked like he was being chased. “If you are here to kill me, go ahead!” he screamed, he looked up and saw me. My heart went into my throat, I pushed the curtains closed, and slid down the wall. Then I heard Pickle barking, oh no! I ran out of my door and slipped on a sock. I got up and ran down the stairs. Pickle was barking at the man; he was standing in the doorway. Pickle barked and lunged at the man. He screamed, Pickle thrashed and bit hard. The man threw Pickle off and walked towards me. “DAD! MOM!” I yelled. He grabbed a hold of me. I kicked and squirmed out of his grip, and ran out the door, Pickle right behind me.  


         I heard a pounding on my front door. I walked out of my room and looked out the window. Who would be knocking on my front door? I pulled open the door and saw an old lady, “Hi, young lady can I ask you a question?” “Sure?” “Have you heard about the PTO meeting at the school tomorrow?” “No, I have not I’ll be sure to tell my mom.” I closed the door. I walked back into my room and read, eventually falling asleep. I heard a pounding on my door, at three in the morning. I walked out of my room and answered it. A boy about my age ran into my house with his dog and shuts the door. “Hey!” He locked the door and slid down to the floor. “I’m sorry, I was being chased by a mad man and he broke into my house and grabbed me, and I got scared and ran away.” he started to cry. “Hey, I’m sorry, what’s your name?”  my mom came down from upstairs, “What is going on here?” “Sorry we woke you up, but he was being chased by this crazy man that broke into his house and he, well ended up here.” She looked at me, at the boy, and then at the dog. “All right you can stay for tonight, there is a spare room down the hall.” the boy nodded. He got up and I led him down the hallway. He thanked me and crashed into the bed. His dog padded into the room and fell asleep on the floor. I shut the door, went to my room, and fell asleep. 

        At nine o’clock in the morning I found the boy on the floor rubbing the dog’s stomach. “Hey. How did you sleep?”  “Fine. Thank you.” “Do you want some food?” he nodded, after some breakfast, we walked down to his house. The man was nowhere in sight. He opened his front door and called out to his mom and dad. No answer. Again, again, and again. His dog sniffed around, he ran outside the house and ran into the woods. I followed the dog, and the boy was right behind me. We ran deep into the woods, I stumbled on a rock and rolled down a hill. I rolled and rolled, and then came to a stop. “Are you ok?” I groaned “yeah I’m fine” I slowly sat up, Pickle the dog ran up to me and licked my face. The boy helped me up. Just then Pickle took off, and we ran after him. The dog stopped out of nowhere and sniffed the leaves. We caught up to him and the boy held on to his collar. I moved the leaves and I saw a hand. I backed up, “There is a hand in the leaves.” The boy looked at me and then crouched down and started to remove the leaves. There was a body in the leaves, I let out a scream. We both backed up, we heard crunching in the leaves. I pulled the boy and the dog behind a log. I peeked over the log.  

         The girl peeked over the log; Pickle whimpered. I looked over and it was the man. “How did you get uncovered?” he said to himself, the girl pulled out her phone and took a few pictures. Just then the man doubled over screaming in pain. He straightened out, “Oh no! Did I do this?” He bent down and checked the body pulse. He fell on his rear end. “What did I do? This is your fault!”  He screamed, then his head shook, “No it’s not!” he said to himself. The girl crouched back down, “He has a split personality.” “How do you know?” I whispered, “My mom is a therapist at a mental health institution, she deals with people like this all the time.” “We need to leave.” she nodded, I looked around and saw a way out of the woods. I grabbed the girl’s hand and we booked it, Pickle right behind us. We ran hard the man right behind us and gaining fast. The girl’s foot got caught on a root. I didn’t notice until it was too late. I looked back and saw the girl being dragged away, screaming, kicking, and punching, while tears were streaming down her cheeks. I yelled and ran for the man; I was not going to let her end up like the body in the woods. I jumped and tackled the man and we rolled down a hill. I hit and kicked and punched the best I could. Then we separated, I heard leaves crunching, a short bark, and a yell. Pickle pounced on the man, and he bit down hard very hard. I got up and looked for the girl, but she was gone. I saw Pickle, he was entertaining the man. I ran towards the man, and I jumped on him and pulled back. 

         Little did I know we were right next to a gully, so the man was going right towards it. Pickle let go and barked at me to get off. The man fell and I did too. I reached for anything, and I found a root, I grabbed a hold and held on. The man was hanging on to my leg, I kicked, and I hit his nose. He let go, and fell, but he landed on his feet. I pulled myself up and laid on the ground and let Pickle lick my face. The man yelled and screamed, “Hey! Kids you have to help me up!” I ignored him. I heard crashing of leaves and barking. Four hounds bolted to me, with the police, my mom and my dad behind them. I got up from the ground and wiped the dirt off my shirt. My mom and dad embraced me in a hug, a tear slid down my cheek. I pulled away and asked, “where were you guys? I thought he took you!” “No sweetheart! We went to the police station because you were missing when we woke up!” They hugged me again. I saw the girl, I let go and walked over to her. “Hey, are you ok? I didn’t know where you went.” “I’m sorry, I was scared, and I ran out of the woods and ran into a cop. And yeah, I’m fine.” she said but she pulled her arm behind her back. I took her arm and saw a big bruise. “Was this from the man?” she nodded, the cops pulled the man up and put him in handcuffs. “Oh, and by the way I’m Jack.”  “Nice to meet you Jack, I’m Kaci.”  

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