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Different Ways People Use Music

There are many musical tastes

     Music is enjoyed by many people around the U.S. About 90% of the population listens to music and about 54% of families have a family member who plays an instrument. Music can be used in ways other than just listening and playing music. Dancers use music to create a story and emotion with their body.  

     Olivia Sufferling, an 8th grade student, plays the keyboard, and sings in a chorus at Venice Middle. She said that she enjoys playing the keyboard because it helps her relax at the end of the day. She likes keyboard because of the way you can make music soft and peaceful, but it also can be loud and violent. She loves to sing with the chorus at VMS. Olivia uses music by singing and letting loose while singing. She lets her voice take away and produce music. Music is her love and interest. 

     Alivia, dancer at Starz Choice Dance Academy, uses music by expressing emotions and showing off her dancing to the music. Music for a dancer is the way they can show emotion and the different skills to the style of the music. Alivia said that she feels like music is one of the most important components for dancers. Music gives her the inspiration to use different emotion for the different styles of music. It also music inspires her to create dances for herself.   

     Music can be used in many more ways than these. How do you use music? 




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