Social Media Issues

Bad problems with social media that have been happening.

Social Media Issues

Janna Westlake, Contributor

Have you ever been scared to talk to someone in person or go up to them? People are becoming used to talking to each other online and being whoever they want and saying what they think without getting scared or judged. 


People can get social anxiety or depression from not going out or not socializing with other people. We all get so used to having social media and posting things to be “pretty” or to fit in with other people online. Social media has changed so many things like the viewpoint of the world and what people post. There are some good points in social media to see and message loved ones that you can’t see. You could see what’s going on in the world without having to go outside or socialize. There’re also individuals looking at posts wishing they were at a certain place.

The opposite also happens. You could see a post with your friends all having fun together and get upset or sad you weren’t invited. This could cause depression and anxiety from not being with people or not doing something and being left out. People are staying on their devices at home and scrolling through social media for hours. It can affect mental health by not wanting to communicate with people outside of their screens. Young people are wanting to look like the boys or girls that post pictures of themselves online. For example, Emma Chamberlin is 22 years old. She is a famous YouTuber and she has social anxiety. People are too scared to go outside and go look around stay off social media. They don’t want to miss a single thing that’s going on around the world. Social media updates everyone about almost everything. Kids especially will get devices at a young age and look on social media saying stuff like “I wish I looked like them”, or something like, “Why wasn’t I invited to that cool birthday party?” When friend’s hangout they just sit on their phones and usually don’t really talk. There isn’t a point of hanging out then, is there?