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How Sleep Affects our Health

Sleeping is important

October 29, 2021


Sleep is important

     Sleep is especially important to succeed at school or home. It is important to get enough sleep to succeed at school and home, or it will affect teens health. Most teens need at least 8-10 hours of sleep to according to National Sleep Foundation to stay healthy. Getting good rest is important when it comes to school and health. Adeline (from Sarasota Suncoast Academy) thinks, “Sleep can be important for a lot of reasons like for school, Extracurricular activates, and mental health.” Many kids and teenagers stay up late playing video games and talking to their friends. Staying up late isn’t good when they have school at early times like Venice Middle School. If teens don’t get enough sleep, they will become less patient, easy decisions will become harder, make them fall asleep during the day, and it could affect their grades, and mental and physical health. 

     Does not getting enough sleep affect your health? When a teenager sleeps, it’s time for their muscles to relax and brains to rest. When teens don’t get enough rest, their brains get exhausted. Not getting enough sleep can affect their judgment and reaction time, their health, and their ability to be productive. Having bad reaction times can be dangerous and lack of sleep can cause more accidents throughout the day. It also affects a teens attitude, health, and mood. They can become more negative, short-tempered, and more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Sleep boosts your immunity, health, memory, and performance too. Mason Solley’s (from North Port Imagine high school) thought about getting not enough sleep is “not getting enough sleep is bad for you and the lack of sleep can cause you to get tired and ill-tempered.” 

     Getting a good night’s rest is valuable. Some tips on sleeping well are to make a regular sleep schedule, avoid using electronics 30 minutes before bed, do a relaxing activity before bed, and avoid drinks high in caffeine like coffee or some teas before bed. Chamomile tea, however, is an excellent choice to help sleep according to Chamomile tea benefits.  

     A teens body goes through 5 stages of sleep: Stage 1 of the sleep cycle is the lightest stage of sleep, Stage 2 represents deeper sleep, Stage 3 and Stage 4 sleep of the sleep cycle are progressively deeper stages of sleep, also know as slow-wave sleep, and stage 5 of the sleep cycle, or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, is the stage of sleep associated with dreaming. 

     If students are still having trouble with getting a good night’s sleep, try talking to a doctor or getting a better sleep schedule. Without enough rest for days, teens will become more vulnerable, and grades and mental health will go down tremendously. 

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