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Not If I Save You First Book Reveiw

An awesome book for middle school and up.

October 29, 2021

 Not If I Save You First: Ally Carter: 9781338281231: Books


If you think about it, being the president’s son must be hard. People would always know where you are. This is how Logan feels. Logan is the son of the President of the United States of America. But Logan is not alone, his best friend Maddie is the daughter of a secret service agent. Logan’s dad was holding a party to try to become friends with the Russians, but that went very wrong. The Russians try to kidnap the first lady, but Logan catches them and calls for help. The secret service gets involved and Maddie’s dad gets shot. After Maddie’s father recovers, they move to Alaska. And Maddie tries to write to Logan, but Maddie does not get any response. Maddie grows up and learns to adapt, when one day Logan comes to visit. Maddie is mad at Logan for not visiting, writing back, or trying to contact her.  

The next day Maddie goes outside to do her chores when Logan follows her. That is when things go even more wrong. Maddie was yelling when suddenly a man kicked her in the stomach and kicked her off a cliff. Logan is trying to get to Maddie, but the man grabbed Logan and pulled him away. Logan was sad and hated that he could not do anything. But Maddie was tough, she woke with a start. Logan was pulled along, with his kidnapper, until they could not walk anymore. The kidnapper unpacked food a map and a satellite phone. Maddie tracked them until she found them, and she made up a plan. She surprises Logan and his kidnapper; Logan is thrilled about how Maddie is not dead. They run into a park ranger while on their hike, and the kidnapper shoots the ranger. Maddie screams, Maddie runs to see if the man is still alive while sneaking his flair gun in her shirt. The kidnapper leads them to an old bridge, which is where he makes Maddie go first. Maddie slips the flair gun into Logan waist band and whispers to follow her exact steps. Logan follows Maddie’s exact footsteps.  

But Maddie tricks the kidnapper into stepping in a bear trap. Once Logan gets across the bridge, Maddie grabs the flare gun and shoots it at the old rickety bridge. It catches on fire and the kidnapper is stuck on the other side. He starts to shoot his gun at Maddie and Logan. They both ran away looking for cover in the trees. But Maddie feels weak. She is bleeding because she was shot in the shoulder. Logan helps her as much as possible. Thankfully, they find an old hunting shack where they take refuge for the night. Later, Maddie and Logan decided to go back for the satellite phone. But the kidnapper is too smart. He finds them and holds Maddie hostage until Logan gets back. But the kidnapper is working with other people he is just trying to get his sister back. The people he is working with take Maddie’s father hostage. So, Maddie tries to save her father. The kidnapper leads her to the camp and Maddie tries to get her father back. That is when all the heck breaks loose, and it is chaos, bullets and people were flying everywhere. Logan came to help Maddie, thankfully Maddie gets her father back.  

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast-going book, and “Chaos” you could say. Check out Ally Carter, she has more books just like this one!  

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