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A Big Change For School!

The more that things change....

October 29, 2021

This year took a big turn for Covid at first the cases were low until school started everyone got sick. The first few weeks of school we didn’t have to wear a mask or social distance. No one got sick and everything was fine. Until after a week or two people were out sick and the cases were going up. So the school board had a meeting ,and we had to wear masks and four people were only allowed to sit at each table. The district allowed teachers and staff to be more strict about masks and dress code. Students couldn’t wear certain things and they couldn’t get away with a little hole in there jeans or the shirts because it was to reveling. But if students wore there mask under there nose or had it off without the exsemption it would be a referal. They would also ask students to leave because they wouldn’t wear there mask.  If any students were out they were responsible to get all there work done because teachers can’t use zoom. But if we got the cases down we would be able to have masks as an optional again. Students this year are having a hard time with the mask and dress code.

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