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Fighting Bad Habits is Difficult

About fighting bad habits and a few ways you can try to stop

September 29, 2021


Ksyu Deniska

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Have you ever had a bad habit of something? People all around the world have an unhealthy habits of things like bad binge eating, picking or biting your fingernails, or playing video games? 


Most people have been picking at their finger nails off from getting nervous or from not being able to sit still. There have been many ways people have tried to fix these habits or stop. My friend Olivia has a  habit she has tried to stop, but it is extremely hard to do so. Most people I have asked either pick their nails when they are nervous or scratch their head. Usually when people are nervous, they develop bad habits to make them less nervous instead of getting a stress ball or toy to fidget with. For example, students zone out during class when something gets boring or if something is not interesting to them. To fix this you could get a fidget toy or a ring that can keep you focused in class. Especially as teenagers. We develop these bad habits like starting your homework late at night for a few nights and have your sleep schedule messed up. It can ruin your whole day. I know several people who chew ice and do it whenever they have water. It’s bad for your teeth and a very bad habit. Kristen Stewart a famous actress has a bad habit of biting her bottom lip from getting nervous and distracted. She is 31 years old. People could also develop weird habits like twirling hair. Kristen was a good example that anyone of any age could have bad habits for years and they can be very difficult to stop. 

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