Changes in School Covid Rules

New rules lead to some confusion

Ava Rymarenko, Contributor


      On August 10, 2021, I walked into school, and everything was normal. We did not have to wear masks, social distance, or skip a seat at lunch. Everything was normal until the numbers of cases started going up from Covid (caused the delta virus) little by little. And more and more people kept on getting sick until the point we had to go back to wearing the mask 

       If you are like me and don’t like to wear mask, at Venice Middle School you can get something called a mask exemption. Basically, if you have a medical condition or just don’t want to wear a mask you have to get your doctor to sign a paper that shows you don’t have to wear a face covering. Another change that happened at VMS is that we don’t have to use desk shields. Which is actually a good change to the school, because they were always is the way. On the other hand, it was also kind of nice to have the desk shields, because it felt like I had my own little space, and no one could get in my way. Don’t we all think that the best time of the day is lunch? Well, we also have to social distance in the lunch room too. Just as last year we have to skip every other seat. But I do thing that there is a positive side to that change also. I like sitting every other seat at lunch, because when we used to sit right next to each other the whole table was squished (It was very uncomfortable). 

       In other words, some school changes can be positive or negative. With a little more patience in a few months, we won’t have to wear mask or even skip a seat at lunch.  Just remember to try and look on the bright side and make everything feel more positive, you still get to hang out with your best friends, friends, family. And you still get to eat that delicious sandwich for lunch!