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Control Pollution to Save the Dolphins

They live close to us in the Gulf of Mexico

October 29, 2021

      As we wake up every day, we get to smell the breeze of the fresh air from the seas. We do not only smell the breeze of the fresh air but living on the Gulf of Mexico is a huge advantage, able to see the beautiful waters and the animals in the oceans. Dolphins are one of many sea animals you can see here. Dolphins are mammal creatures that are warm blooded and breathe through their lungs. When animals are warm-blooded, it means that they can regulate their own body temperature. However, dolphins also have another advantage of being warm-blooded animals because that fights off infection and diseases that they can catch while living in the seas. This helps prevent them from getting sick and dying out. 

     Dolphins watch out for each other so they do not get hurt. They watch out for each other by communicating through a process, called echolocation, to locate distant animals or objects. Dolphins communicate when they want another dolphin to join their pod or when something is nearby. Dolphins also in fact like to have human interaction while swimming. People have lessons on how to swim with dolphins or what to do when one comes nearby. 

     However, dolphins are currently at risk and are endangered due to human activity. This is because of the pollution, dams, and climate change effect things even in the seas. Us humans need to protect these dolphins at every cost. At Venice Middle School we do a beach cleanup through Builder’s Club. The students here really care about and want to do everything in our power to protect our dolphins and seas.

     Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo & The Chicago Zoological Society

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