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There are Many Types of Bad Habits

Bad habits are just that, habits.

October 29, 2021

There are Many Types of Bad Habits

    For starters, people have many different bad habits. Some of them are from anxiety, like picking nails, or some have to do with your different tastes, for example drinking too much coffee. It might even be highlighting too much information in a textbook. Bad habits aren’t limited to ones you do too much or often, they could be something you don’t do enough of, like going to bed too early. Bad habits come in many forms – they could be mental or physical. In this article are interviews with some students and teachers that talked about their bad habits.  

     One example of a bad habit is pushing yourself too hard when exercising. Pushing yourself is perfectly reasonable, even encouraged, but pushing yourself too hard or saying hurtful things to yourself is not the best way to do it. I interviewed two people who have similar bad habits. Sierra Tolley’s bad habit is excessively working out. This may seem like a good habit, but it is not the best to have as it can later reflect on your health. If you exercise too much, you can cause injury to yourself like a sprained ankle. If you have this problem then Sierra says a good way to try to get rid of it is to “find thing things to focus on and think about how you are actually feeling that day instead of going to work out.” A similar bad habit is pushing yourself to do certain workouts. The person I interviewed prefers to stay anonymous when talking about this topic. There are many ways you can push yourself, but the way this VMS student does it is by saying negative things to herself. Her solution to this problem is to give herself “positive reinforcement instead of negative to have a heathy way of making myself run more.”  

    The third interview I did was about waiting last minute to do homework. I’m sure every student can relate to this at one point, whether it be you were out playing sports, with friends, or were just too lazy. Maya Slack developed this habit at the beginning of 6th grade when there was a lot more work compared to 5th grade’s ‘nothingness’ workload. She is trying to get her work done right when she gets home, but it is hard when you have after school sports like softball. Slack hopes to “manage my time more properly so that I can do things like sports and still get good grades.”  

     The final interview I did was on a staff member at VMS School, Mrs. McCutcheon. She said her bad habit is not putting away something when she should. Which is understandable for a teacher and a mother, if a kid calls, she makes it her priority to get to them and sets the object down somewhere.  Then, she eventually forgets about it. She stated that a way she can deal with this habit is by “not placing down items until it is in the correct spot.” She also said that she will try her best to stay more organized.  

    All in all, it is important to remember there are many different types of bad habits and they don’t just have to take a physical toll on you or greatly affect your life. The interviews were to show you types of habits and how everyone has different things going on 

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