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October 29, 2021

     Clothing is a big part of being a teenage girl.  Your clothing says a lot about your personality. These days there are tens of billions of clothing brands such as Holister, American Eagle, Lululemeon, ETC. These brands are always on trend and are always updating their stores variety. Although the clothing brands are very cute and trendy, the prices do run a little high. The reason prices are a little high, these clothing brands usually use 60% cotton and 40% polyester in there normal shirts. If they have specialties like, extra soft, super stretchy, ETC it will be different materials. These materials are not very expensive, for example Polyester is only $1 per pound. There shirts are really light and mostly cropped so I do not understand the reason why they are so expensive. Now that was only 2 similar stores we researched, stores like Lululemeon, Gymshark, Nike, ETC, would be more different because they sell more athletic clothing and that fabric is more expensive. Lululemeon makes their basic products with 87% nylon and 13% lycra elastane. 


     I asked a lot of people in my school that have totally different styles what store they mostly shop at and if they think the prices are affordable. The stores I chose to do this survey was American Eagle, Lululemon, Hollister, Pacsun, and Forever 21. Haley Fair says she shops at Holister the most, and Haley states the prices are reasonable. Ava Wireman said she shops at Forever 21 the most and she says that the prices are very affordable. Then I asked Autumn Couch and she said she shops at Holister and thinks the prices are not very affordable. Than I asked Ellie Delcuio and she stated she shops at American Eagle the most and believes their prices are affordable. Next I asked Jayden Comfort and she says she shops at Pacsun the most and said the prices are pretty high. I also asked Gabby Goertler and she said the same thing about Pacsun. Maddie Naburt says she shops at Lululemon and says their prices are affordable, but Brooke Sims shops at Lululemon and said that there prices are not affordable.


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