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Will VMS Field Trips Start Again?

Are we even going to have them? If so, how will they look?

October 29, 2021


        Students and teachers around the school are questioning fieldtrips. What does Viviana Serrano and Mr. Dinverno have to say?  

         Viviana, 8th grade, loves field trips. She thinks they are a wonderful way to have fun while learning. At the moment she does not believe that it would be best to go on field trips, but the future it would be nice. “Maybe later in the year Covid cases can’t keep going forever.” Viviana said on whether they would happen or not. She feels the field trip that was most missed by her was Kennedy Space Center. “Nothing memorable happened because of Covid,” Viviana stated.  

         Mr. Dinverno, the principal, has a good prediction that field trips will happen. Hopefully by the end of the first semester. He says that field trips might have masks but might not we will have to follow the safety guidelines still. All the field trips might be local. It all depends. “Some places we go might require masks and others might not. We will have to pay attention on whether we do or don’t,” he said. He pointed out the athletic teams are traveling, so our ban on field trips should over soon. “The Young Marines and the end of the year 8th grade field trip was probably the most missed,” Mr. Dinverno explained. He wanted to take the outdoor education club on a hike the second week of school. He also brought up that the Student Ambassador trip to Disney was the last field trip before everything shut down and there were no field trips allowed.   

       We all hope that field trips will happen. They have all been missed very dearly. Field trips have been a good way to get out of the classroom to learn. And have fun too. 

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