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Why Join Young Marines?

Education, strength, team work.

October 29, 2021

Young marines is a VMS program that educates and builds students to their true potential. Most kids like young marines because of all the activities that the young marines do such as gardening, taking care of chickens, sports, parades, runs, shooting, and sometimes field trips to other states. Some sports that the young marines play are football, whiffle ball, soccer, hockey, and crazy ball. Kids in young marines said that their favorite sport is crazy ball because, “It’s fun and easy to understand. Also, it doesn’t leave anyone out.” On rainy days they do R&R which is play inside and some things that they play inside are basketball, foosball, air hockey, and pool. 


     Young marine students also have to work out 3 times a week. The exercises include running a mile or more, obstacle course, an exercise circle, sit ups, pull ups, and tire flips. Kids join for all different reasons, like their sibling has been in the program before, they wanted to see what it is like because it sounds fun to them, or their parents make them join. Also students can learn more things in young marine classes than regular school classes. Overall it is a great program for anyone in for a challenge. 


Young marines help other young marine get over the wall during the obstacle course.


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