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Mr. Ackroyd in action.

Mr. Ackroyd-Band Teacher at VMS

Mr. Ackroyd works hard at making learning music a fun experience.

       MrAckroyd, the amazing band teacher here at VMS, has been a band director for 11 years. When he started college, he wanted to study science, so he became a science major. Later on, he became a band major. He had to do 4 years of college, but he stayed for five. 

          A band teacher is required to learn and teach all the instruments in band. Woodwinds, brass, percussion etc. While asking Mr. Ackroyd questions, I asked what instruments he is best and worst at. He said that the instruments he needs more practice on were oboe and bassoon. An oboe is a woodwind instrument that looks similar to a clarinet, but smaller. The pitch kind of sounds like a mosquito buzzing into your ear! A bassoon is also a woodwind instrument and it is made up of wood. It’s long and has a low-range sound. The instrument he is best at however, is the trumpet. 

       Mr. Ackroyd’s routine when he gets to school is pretty simple. He checks his mailbox, answers email, sets up his computer for the day, visits teacher friends, and enjoys his coffee. When he sets up his computer, he picks a picture of his son, Fox, and it is a different one every day. 

      Being a band teacher takes a lot of effort and time out of your daily life. Concerts and teaching students the music take quite a bit of time. Mr. Ackroyd prepares for concerts by “Picking music that my students will enjoy and learn from, plan which classes will move materials to our concert location, plan how Fox will be taken care of, stay afterschool to set up the concert area, get food, and wait for the students to arrive.”  

      A fun fact about Mr. Ackroyd is he won teacher of the year in 2014. He makes a big impact on students’ lives by just being a caring and dedicated teacher. He says the best part of being a band teacher is “Listening to my kiddos grow as musicians and as individuals.” 

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