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Extracurricular Activities are Not Just Sports Related

Why do students do extracurriculars activities.

October 29, 2021

   “Out of the 13 states that were surveyed, about 80 percent of children do extracurricular activities.”- Extracurricular activities offer students a chance to interact with other students outside of school and to apply academic skill in the real world. Activities outside of school can help you meet new people rather than just the people you can meet in the classroom.

Emerson Erbeck playing soccer at the Venice Falcons field.


   Emerson Erbeck, 8th grade student at VMS, does two extra activities. Those consist of the Venice Falcons Soccer Club and Student Ambassadors. “Doing soccer helps me get more activity in the day and helps me get more tired so, I can fall asleep fast. Falling asleep faster and sleeping longer will help me stay focused at school.” She explained how doing extracurricular activities has helped her in school. Doing activities out of school helped her take a break and have fun, while she is doing something she loves. She tried out for volleyball and would have loved to do another extra activity, but she sadly did not make the team. But she really enjoys participating in the Venice Falcons Soccer Club.

VMS Student Ambassadors.

    Cheyenne Goris is an 8th grade student at VMS. Cheyenne is the president of the VMS Student Ambassadors and started ambassadors in 6th grade. Ambassadors must keep their grades up so, Cheyenne can stay more focused on her grades. She joined Student Ambassadors because she did not know many people so, she wanted to make new friends. She wanted to join Ambassadors because she thought it would be fun and a great way to make friends. Her favorite thing to do in Ambassadors is to plan, especially planning or fundraisers. Cheyenne said she wants to do cheer as another extracurricular activity. Cheyenne loves being a Student Ambassador. She made so many new friends she made and loved the new experiences she got to experience. 

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