How to Balance School and Extracurricular Activities

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A well balanced life is a happy life

A well balanced life is a happy life

  Whether you are at school or home it is important to keep a balance. There are 24 hours in a day and students still have a challenging time with school and sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, students need 8-10 hours of sleep to stay healthy. To keep a balance with school, sleep, and extracurricular activities students need a schedule. Keeping a consistent schedule benefits many people and is good for their health. The key to staying healthy with all this stress of school and life is to keep a schedule, be organized, study with a group, take breaks, and be sure to ask for help. Being organized can help with things like time management. Agendas can help with organization. Schools offer agendas or planners so students can write out all their vital information for their assignments. 

   Asking for help can also be to study with a group or family member. Studying with a group or family member can help with your understanding of that subject. It is good to set a time and date for studying with or without a group. Setting time and prioritizing are also essential for balancing everything. Mason Solley’s (from North Port Imagine high school) advice on prioritizing is to keep a written schedule, minimize screen time, and set timers if needed. Most people have trouble prioritizing so it is best to ask a parent or guardian for help. 

   An effective way to prioritize is to put your health and family first then school and extracurriculars like volleyball, swimming, football, and soccer. If students are struggling with school, they can ask a parental guardian or teachers and some schools have free tutoring for kids that need it most. So, make sure to ask your teacher for advice. Students can get stressed from all the assignments that their teachers give them, so it is good that they take a break, sleep, and regenerate their energy. Adeline’s (from Sarasota Suncoast Academy) advice for time management is to prioritize your time like: do homework or rest first, then if you want to hang with friends or shower.

     In conclusion it’s important to have a healthy life and good schedule. If students or staff still need help with time management, go to 9 essential tips on how to balance school and life for tips.