A Day in the Life of a Principal

“Thanks to all the staff and students for the effort this year”, says Mr. Dinverno.


Mr. Dinverno checking out the campus.

Angelina Mello, Contributor

Mr. Dinverno is our principal here at Venice Middle School. Now for a short backstory, Mr. Dinverno has been teaching for 7 years including elementary and middle school and has loved his job since then. Mr. Dinverno makes sure to be one of the first, early people on campus to make sure everything looks good and it is ready to go. He’ll continue that by checking emails and phone calls and messages from parents, students, staff, and administrators. Mr. Dinverno is sure to be presentable and visible on campus early in the mornings and he’ll occasionally have meetings before school. He goes around school visiting and observing classes and providing feedback. He also teaches a Spanish 1 class along with supervising 6th grade lunch. He’ll prepare things for the school budget and advocate for Venice Middle School. He makes sure to be involved in school clubs and sporting events and show his support. 

Outside of school Mr. Dinverno enjoys spending time in nature such as hiking, going to the beach, and visiting state parks and camping. He also works out of school to help his community and students in activities such as volunteering his time in food pantry organizations and helping families during the pandemic. Mr. Dinverno is planning on having and 8th grade promotion at Venice High School so 8th graders have the opportunity to have graduation this year. Mr. Dinverno has been doing an amazing job this year helping students and staff through the pandemic.