Why Straight A Students are Driven

Believe it or not, it is self-motivation not parent pressure


     Kids are often pushed by their parents to do well in school. Getting good grades in school can help a student when they are trying to get into college. Kids who get straight A’s are often able to get into more competitive schools. This may be helpful for their future job. Their GPA in high school is one important factor that colleges will use when determining if they want to accept or deny a student 

     Straight A students have certain characteristics that make them successful. For example, many straight A students have qualities like they persevere, they prioritize important things first, they manage their time well, they are well organized, and they challenge themselves. Before a test, quiz or project, they make sure they study and prepare so they have a deep understanding about what they have learned. They also cope with their stress in healthy ways like playing sports, doing art or even taking a nap. 

     Many straight A students often get quite stressed with all their exams, projects and homework. Most honor students always want to get a good grade on something and if it doesn’t happen many will stress and obsess over it even though it’s one grade. Sometimes students become obsessed about their future and focus all their work to be successful later in life. They sometimes get anxious for what comes next. Straight A student Leah Fisher says, “Trying to keep up your grades is stressful, but to help relieve some stress I will relax and workout.”  

     Three ways you can become more successful with school is to get organized, to divide up your work, and to rely on a set system. Becoming organized and making a plan for what you want to accomplish will make you more focused when you go to study. Dividing up your work into manageable chunks can be easier so you don’t have to do a study marathon and so you can reward yourself after each chunkLastly, relying on a set system is much better than relying on motivation. Sometimes we run on our motivation to do something and we won’t get to work until are in the mood to study. Relying on a system will ensure that you will finish your work, even when you don’t feel like it.