We Are Incredibly Lucky to be in School

We’re better off than most

Ava Rymarenko, Contributor





                                                             We are incredibly lucky to be in school.  

     When kids think of school they think of boring, useless, takes up my time, too hard, etc… But little do us kids appreciate, school helps us get many places in life. For example, school teaches us how to read which you need in just about aspect of life, how to prepare for certain professions, how to do math, which of course you need math if you are doing something like building a house, (And many other things).  

     Some poor little kids walk miles and miles to get to school because they don’t have any type of education opportunities near them. Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea are some examples of not so wealthy countries. Also, some kids across the world don’t have much transportation to school. And there isn’t much we can do about this tragedy. Therefore, us kids need to think about how much they don’t have and how much we do have, and not complain. Preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school all prepare us for bigger things in life. What I mean is Pre-K-12 grade prepares us for college, and college prepares us for a good profession 

     So, in conclusion, we should all be thankful that we are able to go to school and, with effort, get a wonderful job. And next time we think of school just think positive things.