Why College Should Be Free


Grace Norris

    Did you know that in America the cost for the average public college was $20,770 for the 2017-2018 school year? Meanwhile over in Europe, most public colleges and universities are free. Because of the high price tag, the average American is saddled with $32,731 in student loan debt.  Something in the American system needs to change in order to help bridge the inequality that is caused by the high cost.  

      The biggest pros of free college are that more low-income people can get access to higher education, which is unfortunately required to get a job that provides a decent wage.  Some other pros of free college are that the younger generation wouldn’t be overwhelmed by student debt, while the older generations would get their debt relivedWithout the scary reality of having to pay back hundreds of thousands in student debt, more people would be able to take classes they like, not just something to make enough to pay off their debt.  Some professionals are working two jobs and are miserable because they put their passion, as an example being a nurse, on hold to make ends meet. If people are free to follow their passions and work a job that appeals to them, they will feel more content with the life they’re living. People who work jobs they enjoy tend to be happier than people who work 9 to 5’s that they dread going to every day. 


     A Bachelor of Science in Nursing takes four years to complete and can costs around $40,000 for all four years. Let’s say that you’re paying 5% interest plus your flat rate every month you’d be paying $754.85 a month or $9058.2 a year on a five-year loan totaling $45,291. The average person with a BSN starts out making about $55,805 a year. Without the interest you’d be paying it off for a little over three years. But adding the 5% a year interest is an extra $5,291 would be almost 10% of your annual salary. Spending $754.85 a month can be a devastating blow to most, especially to people with kids or a partner. Why is the human right of education something that is costing the people so much?