Interview with Mrs. Doyle

Voted teacher of the year at VMS!

February 22, 2021

Eastern Michigan University-Home of the Fighting Eagles

Eastern Michigan University-Home of the Fighting Eagles

     Mrs. Doyle was born in Yokosuka, Japan because her father was stationed there while in the Navy. She is married and has two sons. One is named Zach and is 24 years old. He graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. Zach works at a large hospital in Lansing, Michigan for security. Mrs. Doyle’s other son is named Alex and is a senior at Michigan State University. He studies economics. Both of her sons live in Lansing together. She has one dog that is a Border Collie and is named Jack. In Mrs. Doyle’s free time she likes to read, do yoga and spend time at the beach. 

     Mrs. Doyle went to Eastern Michigan University for her bachelor’s degreeAnd went to Marygrove University in Detroit for her master’s degree in middle school mathematics. She has been teaching for 23 years, 20 in Michigan and three in Florida. Four of her years teaching she was a principal. Mrs. Doyle originally started working in business, but thought it was quite boring. Then she started teaching and liked it much better because something different happens each day. Mrs. Doyle love to work with children so teaching was a good fit for her. She also likes the schedule because on school breaks, she is able to spend time with her family. 

          If Mrs. Doyle could have three wishes she would wish for her sons to remain healthy and to find great careers that suit them, for her parents to remain healthy as the get older and for the world to be a kinder place. If she won the lottery, she would pay off all her bills and her house. She would also buy a house for both of her sons and take a long trip somewhere relaxing and warm. Someday she would like to go on a trip around Europe and travel to Bora Bora and live in a hut in the middle of the ocean. Her best advice for her past self would be to relax, enjoy life and not to worry about the little things. 

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