Would you rather – stand in or stand out?

Do you lead or do you follow?


Cheyenne Goris, Contributor

Do you want to stand in? Or do you want to stand out? Wear the same clothes as everyone else? Or wear something different? Do things like everyone else? Or do what you want?

Sophia Sufferling, 7th grade, would rather be neither. She states, “I would like to be myself. I wouldn’t like to be either because I want to have my own personality and style, which I do, and not care what others think.” She also doesn’t like to draw attention to herself. So, in a way, she would like to blend in at the same time. This makes Sophia very unique.

Camden Goris, 6th grade, would just rather always stand-out. He says, ” I would want to be unique and myself.” Most people probably feel this way, well, except for one.

Mr. Devitt doesn’t feel the same. He wants to blend in, “Except when it comes to playing sports,” he says.

Being different isn’t how you look. It’s not what you wear, or talk, or act. It’s being you and being a leader. Being similar is following, not leading.

No matter what, everyone is different. And everyone is similar at the same time. Everyone was made the same, differently.