Valentine’s Day or Corporation Day?

What has become of the day of love?

Valentine's Day or Corporation Day?

Sean Leake, Contributor

Valentine’s Day back in the 60’s was a day to celebrate love.  However, over time, it is just a day for corporations to fill their pockets with cash. In America, the amount of money people spend on Valentine’s Day has gone up 60 dollars in the last 10 years making it 235 dollars per person! That equates to roughly 7 billion dollars annually.

The reason behind this is because people feel that spending money is essential to expressing love. People think this because advertising makes them feel inadequate if they don’t blow the bank on a Valentine’s gift for their partner. Commercials make people think you need to give their partner elaborate gifts for the holiday. Like when you watch a commercial and it says, “ Your wife will love you for buying (fill in the blank).” However, it doesn’t matter if you give your partner an awfully expensive car or a beautifully handwritten poem, if they really are your partner for life, they will love you anyway.

Not to mention these commercials put a strain on relationships because the commercials make you think that your partner expects you to give them an elaborate gift. To avoid this, go with what your heart says is right instead of some corporation telling you how to keep your romantic relationship happy. February 14 should be a day to celebrate the love between you and your partner, not between you and a corporation.