The origin of the Leap Year

It started over 2,000 years ago!

Haylee Fadley, Contributor

I’m sure most everyone has heard the term Leap Year. Leap Year occurs every four years.  It would be perfect if every year was 365 1/4 days but it’s not,  There are really 365.24 days in a year. So this extra time adds up a little bit at a time. By 1581 that extra time ended up being ten whole days!

So, in 45 B.C., Julius Caesar began to practice adding a extra day every four years. Almost like a quarter day. Then a man named Pope Gregory XIII made another calendar and named it the Gregorian calendar and coined the name ” Leap Year”.  He made February 29th the official date of the Leap Year. Leap Year occurs every year that’s divisible by four, so the year 2000, 2004,2008, and so on. In fact, we need Leap Years to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth revolving around the sun.