Fashion Trends of 2021

A mix of classic pastels and florals with an addition of 60’s fashion this spring-summer.


Angelina Mello, Contributor

Pastel dresses

In the past few years we’ve seen a resurface of different trends throughout the decades, including a reappearance of 80’s fashion in 2018 and then again in summer 2019, and 90’s fashion in 2019. This is being incorporated into 2021 with themes of 60’s fashion coming back. We can see a reappearance of bright colors in spring-summer fashion shows such as bubblegum pink and of course the classic and timeless, pastels. We can see the ongoing trend of looser and more flowing pants and jeans continuing into 2021. We can see see a heightened appearance of funky patterns such as abstract shapes, checkerboards, flowers, and artistic patterns hinting towards 60’s fashion. To add to the whole 60’s idea, we can see a rise of 60’s align (shape) dresses and Peter Pan collars. Coming back in fashion from the 60’s and later are the style of foot ware including go-go boots, retro sneakers (Converse and old-style Nike), Oxfords, heeled sandals, and surprisingly, clogs. In conclusion we can see that fashion is just a endless cycle of recycling and reconstructing trends from past decades.