MLK is More Than Just a Day

Martin Luther King Jr., the man who lead the civil rights movement.

February 22, 2021

MLK is More Than Just a Day

     Martin Luther King Jr. is the man that helped pave the way for civil rights for African Americans. During the time of segregation, black men and women were harassed and mistreated by white individuals. When Martin was child, he noticed being treated differently, but not knowing why. His friend’s parents did not want him to come over. Later, he talked to his mom and she explained to him about slavery and racism. That talk changed his life forever. He grew up with a family who encouraged him to notice and respond to the injustices. He observed that a black person, daily, goes through some form of racial discrimination.   

     When King was in high school, he had to sit at the back of the bus. After a while he got tired of that. The Montgomery bus boycott happened between 1955-1956. When it came to Martin, he was a very peaceful guy, and he settled his disputes non aggressively. King soon went on to do speeches, and talk about the issues going on in the black community. The writer of his speeches was named Clarence Jones, a speechwriter, lawyer, and adviser. His most well known speech was the I Have a Dream’ speech. 
      That speech was the most famous speech of the time. Martin Luther King Jr. not only gave the speech, but he then proceeded to lead the civil rights march in Washington. Over 250,000 people marched with King. All races marched with him. Martin Luther king Jr. was a trailblazer and paved the way for more inspirational African-Americans, such as Rosa Parks, President Obama, Malcom X, John Lewis. Now once a year, we celebrate the man and his accomplishments. 

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