Team Building in Young Marines

Overcoming challenges to build a team


The Young Marines take a break for lunch

Abby Flick, Contributor

   At the end of every quarter, Young Marines participate in a team building day/field day in order for them to get to know the other people in Young Marines. At one of the team building days, the Young Marines were doing four challenges that created a bond among the Young Marines.

     The first challenge was an obstacle course, but the catch was that one teammate was blindfolded, and the other teammate was guiding them throughout the course. The second challenge had a large 11 by 11 grid One of the teachers had made marks on the boxes they could go on and the ones the teams couldn’t. The teacher was not allowed to tell them which boxes were marked, but if they landed on a marked spot it would be considered a land mine and the players would have to restart until every person got across. The third challenge was that each Young Marine had to stand on these logs of wood (attached strings) with three people and had to go one by one left to right so they could beat their classmates. The fourth and final challenge was that they had to go into a circle and hold hands with new people. They then had to put a hula-hoop over them and through teamwork,  get the hula-hoop over to the next person.