New Year’s Uncertainty

Resolutions are meant to be achievable


Sean Leake, Contributor

We all make New Year’s resolutions, but how many people stick with them? Well according to my research, no one! For example, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February! That’s about ¾ of the population failing their resolutions.

Some of the most common resolutions to make are: I want to lose weight, I want to eat healthier, and I want to do better in life. The sad part is most of these are never done, just spoken. At this point you might be thinking, “Well then why make a New Year’s Resolution at all?” Well don’t fret because there are some ways you can stick with your resolutions.

First off never strive for something you can never achieve, like “I want to climb Mount Everest”. While some people can accomplish this, most people can’t. So, it is just a waste of a resolution because you know you are going to fail. Instead why not go for something that can benefit you and is accomplishable like, “I need to start a workout routine”.  Another thing you could do is always have positive thinking about your resolution. Instead of thinking, “I will never lose weight” and then going back to eating unhealthy. Be positive and say things like, “Wow I’m doing good. I’ll lose weight in no time!” because attitude means everything when it comes to a resolution. So never stop trying and you’ll get there in no time!