Venice Vikings Cheerleading goes to Nationals!

Winning 2nd Place felt great!


The Venice Viking Cheerleaders show off their trophy at Nationals.

Charlotte Hellmer , Contributor

    “Wow you went to National for a competition?” Indeed, I did, it was great! The Venice Vikings Cheerleading teams went to a National Competition. Even though the warriors did not win first, they still hit every stunt and got a high score of 89.1%.

     Walking in the stadium was so nerve racking knowing that we were about to perform for national cheer organization. Sitting there waiting with our high pony’s and makeup was one of the scariest times of my life. We got our pictures taken and went on the practice mat. We did not hit one stunt or anything. Our coaches were LIVID! It was so scary to think that we were not going to hit anything in front of the judges. 

     As our performance started, we ran on the mat, we hit our two front baskets and were excitedWe hit every single stunt. Once I knew that we did a fantastic job on our stunts, I had so much attitude the crowd could see it. The coaches were jumping up and down in excitement knowing that we got 1st or 2nd. We ran off the mat with tears coming out of our eyes. We celebrated by going to Universal and had so much fun! We did get second, but who cares?  We tried our best and have a lot of fun!