A Hint of the Life of Mrs. Sintov

A great teacher and football fanatic

February 22, 2021


Mrs. Sintov with her family at a football game

       Mrs. Sintov is a math teacher at Venice Middle School (VMS). She was born and raised in Miami, FL and attended the University of Miami. She has a Master’s Degree in Education with a special concentration on Sports Administration. She has been teaching for seven years at VMS but has taught for a total o14 years. Additionally, she has worked as a private math tutor for over 18 years. Before coming to teach in Venice, she taught in Miami, FL at Gulliver Prep and Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School. She was also a tutor for the University of Miami athletes.  

      Mrs. Sintov has been married for five years. She has two kids, Aubrey who is four and Declan who is three. She also has a black Lab named Cane. If she could have three wishes, she would wish for her family to be healthy and safe, she would also wish for an easy button so all her household chores would be done, and she wishes for a larger paycheck, so her husband doesn’t have to work. Mrs. Sintov enjoys working because she says it keeps her busy. 

      When Mrs. Sintov isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her family, watch sports (especially football), and she likes to workout/run. Mrs. Sintov chose teaching because she loves working with middle schoolers. She says, “I enjoy working with middle school students and showing them that they can overcome obstacles. To me math is more than just the steps, its teaching students how to problem solve and break a situation down in to manageable parts.” If Mrs. Sintov could tell her past self something, she would say, “Everything happens for a reason.  


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